Image Consultation

 Beauty is on the inside, but dont forget to take care of what's on the outside!! What's the first impression you give? The way we look and how put together we are speaks volumes before a word is uttered. It's not about being perfect. It's about being the best version of YOU. DO you look and feel like the queen you are? Are you walking with confidence? If not, you can! Our focus will be two-fold: First, I will teach you how to take care of your skin, how to put on makeup according to your desired look, how to highlight your best features, and how you can do it all yourself. Or, let me get you all stunning for your upcoming event! Secondly, we will evaluate your wardrobe together, prune, and redesign all your best looks, classic and new alike!

Makeup Application

* children under 12: 20 minutes $10

* day look or night look: 45 minutes $40

* prom or formal dance: 45 minutes $40

* wedding face: 45-60 minutes $80

Skin care and makeup Consultation
I will educate you on the beauty industry's best practices for what you need to have and do in taking care of your skin, applying makeup, and rejuvenating your youthful glow. First I will see what skin care and makeup you are currently using and suggest what to keep, what to throw away and what to add to your shopping list.

* 1 hour $100

Image / Wardrobe Consultation

We will go through your closet and put together three different stylish looks. I will also make suggestions of items to purge and items to buy.

* classy casual
* business lady
* fancy

* Designing 3 complete outfits already in your closet: 1 hour $100

Personal Shopping
For those special events where you want an outside opinion but not from the person trying to sell you the outfit. Here I am! I am blunt and will ALWAYS tell you the truth in love about what to wear and what not to wear as we find the perfect dress for prom, little black dress for a first date, business outfit for your job interview, wedding dress, graduation etc.

* Personal Shopping Experience: 2 hours $120
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