Pageants are a rite of passage for many young women all over the world but the process can be a little overwhelming for contemporary contestants. When you find a coach like Kaya Palmer, her pageant expertise guides you to a winning performance. She is not only reliable, trustworthy and ready for a challenge, she trains people how to walk,talk, dress and act like empowering women with a purpose.

Ria Paul Tharakan
Miss India Canada People's choice 2016

I began working with Kaya in May 2015. I was looking for someone to teach me how to walk on a runway in preparation for my WBFF commercial model competition in Vancouver. I was only seeking walking advice but what Kaya gave me was so much more. She taught me how to be confident in my own skin. She gave me more encouragement than anyone I have ever met in my life. From the moment I met with Kaya, I felt as though we have been friends for years. I went on to qualify to the WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas. Kaya’s encouragement did not stop once my competition had ended. She suggested I apply to a modelling agency & I am now a signed model with Edge Modelling Agency. Never in my life did I think I would ever be a signed model. Without Kaya I would have never had enough confidence to follow my dreams. Kaya, I will be forever grateful for your advice & friendship.
                                                                                   -Alison Galbrath
                                                                                   Commercial Model Category for the WBFF, 
                                                                                   qualified for Worlds in Las Vegas

"Being coached by Kaya Palmer I learned more than how to keep smiling when you walk and talk or master the T-Pose. By being fully open to understand and see who I truly am, Kaya gained my trust to fully open to her. With our 30sec q&a practice she brought up all my best qualities to the surface, and taught me how to become an unforgettable image in people's minds and hearts. I always had the support I needed at the right time, and the reality check when I would loose the sight of my goals. Our session got me ready beyond just pageant, I learned how to constantly built confidence, reach my goals, inspire others by staying true to myself, which is to be the queen of your life. Kaya is simply a Queen Maker!"

-Aliona Leanca
Miss World Canada contestant

"Working with Kaya Palmer as my Pageant Coach was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Kaya is knowledgeable in her field and brings a strong background in pageantry, etiquette, talent and public speaking to Saskatchewan. The skills I acquired while working with Kaya will last me not only throughout my journey to Miss World 2013 but also for the rest of my life. She is a powerful coach who is compassionate and caring about her students. Kaya is a mentor, a hard working woman and a friend and I was honored to have worked with her."

-Camille Munro

Miss World Canada 2013
CTV Regina Morning Live Interview

"Knowledgeable and skilled in her area of expertise, I knew Kaya would help me toward becoming the best on stage presence I could be. Not only did she help me become more confident on stage, she improved my walk, body language, and public speaking abilities. The best part of my experience with Kaya however was her overwhelming support. From bad hair days to panicked moments Kaya stuck with me every step of the way and is a huge part of my success in the Miss World Canada pageant."

-Annora Bordeaux
Miss World Canada 2014 

"When I decided to participate in pageants, I had no experience or knowledge about them. Kaya taught me everything I needed to know and more! She not only helped me with my pageant training, like my walk and interview skills, but she also helped me to become more confident and to believe in myself. She gave me positive encouragement throughout my journey which resulted in placing as the youngest contestant to make the top 15 at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant in Toronto. She was so amazing to work with and was a great mentor. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing assistance with pageants or anything else."

-Amy Swallow
Miss Teenage Canada contestant 2014

"Kaya Palmer is not just a coach, she is a teacher, a mentor, and friend. She did not just help me develop my pageantry skills, she also helped build my confidence. Thank you for believing in me!"

-Ashley Schiissler
Miss Canada Globe Petite National Finalist, 2nd runner up

"I worked with Kaya today in preparation for the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant in Toronto next week and she is awesome! I learned vital interview skills as well as learned a lot about myself as an individual. She is great to work with and has helped me feel confident and ready to compete for Miss Teen Canada-World!"

-Danyelle Dreger
Miss Teen Regina- World 2013

Testimonial will be posted soon...

-Danielle Furneaux
Miss Teen Regina 2010, placed 3rd runner up at Miss Teen Canada World 2010

I am privileged to recommend Kaya Shereen Palmer. I was asked to write as one who has known Kaya for an extended period of time, one who had learned under her, and one who has observed Kaya’s various skills. I have known Kaya for several years. She has been a friend, a confidant, an encourager, and a teacher of mine. We met while completing our undergraduate studies at Warner Pacific College in Portland Oregon. She brings a vibrant spark of energy, care, and determination to any task which she decided to undertake. Kaya possesses a variety of invaluable skills. After graduating with her BA in Music, Kaya has the technical training to vocally perform some the most beautiful songs ever written, and the knowledge with which to coach an aspiring vocal artist. Placing top ten twice for the the state of Oregon via the Miss America Pageant, Kaya has refined techniques of etiquette and is well equipped to teach any lady-in-training. Most of all, Kaya is a warm, kind, and energetic person. Anyone who understands the value of doing business with an attitude of care and respect for bosses, co-workers, and clients alike will appreciate having Kaya Shereen Palmer as a part of their team. I recommend Kaya Shereen Palmer without reservation knowing that she will well accomplish anything she puts her mind to. She is an innovative and caring young woman who will not settle for doing a job less than her best. I’ve seen her apply this principle to pageant coaching, teaching the nuances of modern and cross-cultural styles of etiquette, vocal performance, and most of all caring for those with which she comes in contact.
-Crystal Rose Bradford, fitness model and athlete

"...First of all, I never thought I would EVER be involved in "pageants." I thought you had to be a certain height, weight, "type," etc. Then I just learned, all I have to do is be myself. . . So how did this journey start? Let me tell you!
My now best friend Kaya McGrath started as a new student my senior year at Warner Pacific. I met her in conducting class. She was so bubbly, and girly, yet so smart and well rounded, and her name was practically mine with just one letter difference! Best friend match made in heaven. She came over to my apartment, naturally I showed her my very PINK room, and she looked in my closet saw all my gowns. Gowns from various dances, recitals, etc. She said "DO YOU DO PAGEANTS TOO?" I think I may have laughed, or just been in shock? ME..pageants... and of course I thought RODEO Pageants. HA. She shared with me how she had learned about herself and matured as a person. I started to learn more about the Miss America Organization. They are the world's leading provider of scholarship money for women. They have this great photo of a girl on their website, it says "some may call her a beauty queen, we call her a scholar." MAO promotes multi-faceted young women. Women who can speak, articulate her needs, women who are involved to make better communities, women who are talented, women who understand how to dress for success, women who take care of their physical health. Did you know each point on the Miss America Crown represents something? Service, Success, Scholarship and Style! When I learned the depth of this organization, I thought YES! The chance to promote my personal community service project (adoption awareness), play music, and wear a FABULOUS DRESS! Seriously,WHAT a package deal."
-Kara Busick, Miss Clackamas County 2010

"I'm Madeline Monlux and I do lots of voulenteer service for organizations like : the Oregon Humain Society, the Ronaldmcdonald house, S.O.L.V.E beach clean up , and I even createted my own fundraiser for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund , where I raised over 1,000 dollars! I also LOVE doing pageants so over the past years after working very very hard I have won: Miss Portland princess , Miss portland jr. pre-teen , Miss Oregon jr-preteen , and I recently gave up my Miss Oregon pre-teen title <---- all of those were my N.A.M titles but i also won Miss Oregon princess for I J M and have won many optionals and smaller awards too. now Kaya, has helped me compete in pageants , and she really taught me how to be a better competeder! she became really good friends with my family and I and I just love her so much ! Kaya is probably one of the nicest people i have ever met and has made a big impact on my life and how I compete!!!!"
-Madeline Monlux, 
Miss Oregon Preteen

"Working with Kaya Palmer in preparation for pageants and public events was a helpful and wonderfully challenging experience.  During my time competing for Miss Clatsop County Kaya made time to coach me in multiple areas such as physical awareness, etiquette, makeup, and overall personal presentation.

During preparation for Miss Clatsop County,
 Kaya patiently showed and taught me some of the etiquette expectations when presenting platforms to potential sponsors and in other areas, such as, public speaking, dinning, and representing yourself in the public eye.  She also gave me multiple tips on applying makeup for everyday wear along with stage performance.  I realized that there is more than one way to present yourself as a woman and that has helped me in many areas, for example, public speaking, scholastic research presentations, and professional vocal performances. 
Having a professional who has been in the public eye for an extended number of years happily putting their time into you is such a personal encouragement and professional boost.  I am extremely thankful for the impact Kaya has had on my life, she is one of those friends I never thought I’d have.  Seeing her pursue her desire to teach and help others is wonderful beyond words!  She has such a passion for people! Kaya is an absolute joy in my life (though countries separate us).  She has such an incredible variety of talents to offer.  Thank you, Kaya, for all the years of talks, tears, challenges, joys and most of all friendship. You are truly a one of a kind, a creature like no other!"
-Janna Uskoski, Miss Clatsop County 2007 contestant

“We so enjoyed having Kaya sing and speak at our Women’s Brunch at FaithBaptistChurch. She is a beautiful, vivacious young lady who draws people with her love of life and her caring, generous attitude towards others. Her life story was inspiring and a testament to God's amazing, abundant grace that has propelled her through some very difficult, challenging situations. Her love for the Lord, and her acceptance of all that He has brought into her life since she was a little girl, is a blessing to all of us who struggle with the "why" questions when things don't go the way we expect. We loved her exuberant, enthusiastic laughter and she just bubbles over with a love for life and for her Lord. She is inspiring, authentic, talented and very approachable with a love for Jesus and openness to share with people her life journey.”

~Faith Baptist Church, Regina SK Canada

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